Evaluation of measurements

GEOTEC GmbH offers to carry out adjustment calculations as well as deformation analyzes in customer order. These can be smaller projects or the support of major engineering tasks. To this end, we also offer advice and support for the design and optimization of such measurement tasks.

GEOTEC GmbH offers the complete processing of the raw data for the evaluation of measured data in the customer order, means that the files with the stored measurement data in a supported format for leveling measurements and total station observations can be directly transmitted.

For GPS or GNSS measurements RINEX files can be preprocessed using the software WA2 (WaSoft, Professor Lambert Wanninger) and further processed in PANDA alone or in combination with terrestrial measurements. In addition, it is also possible to process already prepared baseline lines, including covariance information.

For several measurement campaigns, rigorous deformation analyzes can be carried out as a two- or multi-epoch comparison. For this purpose, however, the requirements for the output data are to be discussed beforehand!

Feel free to contact us! We will be pleased to discuss with you a solution approach and to create a concrete offer!


We offer introductory courses for the software package PANDA on-site. The duration of a training can range from one day for a basic training to a week for an intensive course.

Often meaningful is a one-day training course (minimum) on a customer-specific project. The purpose is to replicate the typical workflow of the user with PANDA.

Software-Development on Customer Demand

Through the development of the Software Package PANDA we have substantial experience as well in the field of procedural programming with Fortran95 as with object-oriented programming with Standard C + + and Java. We would like to make this knowledge available to you. Console programs as well as Windows programs, based on the Microsoft Foundation Library (MFC), can be developed. These specific developments on customer demand can be based on existing, tested classes of the Software Package PANDA. e. g. for transformations, converting coordinates, reading of files, database accesses, etc.

References for realized special developments: