Use of PANDA the construction of tunnels

A tunnel is an artificial traffic route in order to cross mountains, rivers or other obstacles.

To build a tunnel, the construction was usually driven from both ends of the tunnel. The control of the jacking is eminently important! Based on two networks, the portal excavation machines are controlled by the measurement of entangled polygons.

It is important to determine the mutual position of the portal networks in a homogenous coordinate frame. This is usually achieved by a GPS network, while total station networks are used for the portal and the propulsion control, due to the higher inner accuracy. In PANDA, both GPS and total station observations as well as level data can be evaluated together.

Example: Jagdbergtunnel, A4 Eisenach – Görlitz, Magdala AS – AS Jena Göschwitz PANDA by use of the company Beton und Monierbau, Herne, Germany