Reference Project DESY (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron, Hamburg)

In physics major projects, such as electron accelerators at DESY, a well-specified electronic radiation is produced in linear or circular form. The length or extent of such an accelerator is now several kilometers. The aim is to achieve a collision of the radiation particles and derive new insights into the composition of matter.

A geometrically important prerequisite for such experiments is to establish a path for the electrons, which is implemented by a huge multitude of magnets. The metrological challenge is the very precise alignment of these magnets, an uncertainty in the submillimeter range is required.

Today especially LASER TRACKER are used for this purpose. They are characterized by an uncertainty for the distance measurement in the range of better than 0.1 mm. PANDA now allows a rigorous analysis and the adjustment of any number of Laser Tracker – measurements with an estimation of the attainable uncertainties. An equally possible combination with total station measurements may be useful to improve the alignment accuracy in a network.

Through a network simulation, the expected uncertainty can be calculated in advance in the design phase of a network, so that any network optimizations can still be performed.

The laser tracking systems are not automatically leveled, for specific measurement tasks they are deliberately used in twisted position. Due to the possible combination in PANDA with leveling observations often the required orientation of the entire network geometry within the gravitational field of the earth can be achieved.