Geodetic technologies are sensor and processor oriented methods to handle advanced geometric problems for buildings, infrastructure and critical sections of the earth surface.

Geodetic technologies allow statements on the quality of results, especially on accuracy and reliability of coordinate sets.

GEOTEC GmbH develops – according to the latest technological knowledge – the user-optimized Software solution PANDA (Software Package for the Adjustment of geodetic Networks and Deformation Analysis). PANDA is introduced – nationally and internationally recognized – as a standard for software evaluation and analysis of geodetic data. PANDA serves for a manifold tasks of Engineering and Industrial Surveying as well as for Ordnance and Cadastrial applications.

Essential concepts and specifications can be read in the standard textbook by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Niemeier, “Ausgleichungsrechnung – Statistische Auswertemethoden”, 2nd Edition 2008, published by deGruyter, Berlin.

GEOTEC GmbH also offers to take over the processing and evaluation of measurement data with PANDA, both for individual tasks as well as for the realization of larger projects. The costs depend on the size of the network, the condition of the measurements and therefore on our efforts.

GEOTEC GmbH is also a competent partner for consulting and planning services for all kinds of geometric tasks in demanding engineering projects.

The in Laatzen (near Hannover) based GEOTEC - Geodätische Technologien GmbH was founded in 1986.