Data Processing

Data pre-processing includes all steps from the data transfer to the adjustment of the measurements.

Read raw data:

  • Reading of raw data of various total stations / Levels:
    • Leica GSI-file and DBX 1200 Database
    • Trimble/Zeiss REC500 and M5 Format
    • Trimble/Geodimeter Format
    • Trimble JobXML
  • Reading of RINEX files resp. GPS and GNSS measurements and preprocessing using the fully integrated software WA2 (WaSoft, Professor Lambert Wanninger). Use in PANDA: Just GNSS data or in combination with terrestrial measurements.
  • Reading of the baseline of various GPS analysis programs, such as Trimble (file extension ode), Leica (SKI) and unformatted text files
  • Formatfree reading of SAPOS coordinates, including covariance information.
  • Transfer of lasertracker data from Metrolog, Spatial Analyzer (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Insertion of gyro azimuths as a separate observation group with own / separate orientation.

Reduction of observations:

  • Applying instrumental and meteorological corrections to staff reading and distance measurements
  • Geometric reduction of the observations on the marked points
  • Transformation of 3D baselines in local 2D coordinate differences
  • An adaptation to special mesasurement-arrangements is normally possible.
  • Further information are given in the manual.

Control of the observations for gross errors and computation of approximate coordinates:

  • Averaging of to and fro measurements. Warning when limits are exceeded between the measurements
  • Logging tools and table heights
  • The approximate coordinates are determined in a local system with a robust L1-adjustment
  • Transformation of the points from the local system to the system of approximate coordinates by identical points, control of identical points for point mistakes and incorrect coordinates

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