Coordinate Systems in PANDA

The program can process coordinates in the following coordinate systems:

Figures and ellipsoids in PANDA

Conformal Mercator and Lambert conformal mappings are supported. Some images are already defined:

Any ellipsoids are supported. Some ellipsoids are already defined:

Instruments in PANDA

For each instrument precisions, specifications and time-depending calibration data are stored, as far as they are required for the reduction of the observations.

The instruments can be exported and imported, a simple data exchange with other agents is easily possible. The following instruments are supported:

Networks – simulation and optimization

The modul adjustment allows the adjustment of multi-conditional 1D-, 2D- and 3D-networks from all fields of survey engineering and includes the possibility to calculate network-specific criteria, enabling it to analyse and optimize the networks

For the design of networks, a simulated adjustment can be carried out without real observations. The quality of the network design can be analysed according to criteria that the program calculates.

It is easily possible to optimize the network design, simply by modifying the original network data.