Extensive adjustment for cadastral tasks

In the area of ​​real estate cadastre an areal adjustment is increasingly demanded.

For these areal adjustment a rigorous joint processing of GPS information (e. g. from SAPOS) total station measurements and partly also of Orthogonalaufnahmen is required. In addition, dedicated quality features for the projects are to be calculated and verified.

For this task, the company GEOTEC GmbH has a powerful module – PANDA / FA. This module has been developed as an independent derivative of PANDA. PANDA / FA is currently integrated in the software solutions of the company BURG, Software & Service für die Vermessung GmbH in Eltville and GeoS - Geodätische Software in Ennigerloh and sold by these companies.

The result is a comfortable Softare solution – general geodetic calculations including areal adjustment.


Comfortable interactive surface: