Change in the management

Dear PANDA customers,

it is time for a change! After 35 years I finish my engagement as Managing Director of the GEOTEC GmbH. But I will continue to be connected to GEOTEC GmbH in free cooperation.

The software package PANDA is our core product. The continuous adaptation to the latest technological and scientific developments assures that PANDA stays up-to-date. PANDA will furthermore be intensively developed and can support you effectively in completing your demanding tasks.

GEOTEC has now more personnel capacities. Dr.-Ing Dieter Tengen will remain your main contact person for functional questions.

Please transfer your confidence that you have placed in me and my staff in the future to the GEOTEC GmbH with the new co-owner and Managing Director, Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Burg.

Sincerely yours
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Niemeier