Modifications in PANDA, version 5.30

The software package PANDA – continuously developed and optimized through adaptations to new scientific findings and technological standards. In the now available version 5.30 we have realized the following extensions of the scope of services:

Changes in version 5.30

  • Reading CSV files with tachymetric measurements, which can then be reduced.
  • When calculating approximate coordinates, all error messages are output at the end of the log file. If no datum / fixed points are defined in the point list all identical points are used for the Helmert transformation. New calculated points will no longer be marked as datum points. If no error occurs during the calculation, the new calculated points can be updated directly into the database.
  • When outputting the network in the PDF file, the scale of the mesh and ellipses is shown.
  • When calculating baselines using WaSoft’s WA2 program, you can now specify a directory of files containing the antenna calibrations. PANDA automatically searches for the correct file with the antenna data and passes the names to WA2.
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    New Managing Director

    Since April 1, 2019, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Burg is the new Managing Director of GEOTEC Geodetic Technologies GmbH in Laatzen.

    This change has developed from the successful cooperation with the company
    BURG Software & Service für die Vermessung GmbH, in Eltville. The program system PANDA/FA, means our solution for the area-wide adjustment in the area of real estate cadastre has been integrated into the program system KIVID® of the company BURG for several years.

    Dr.-Ing. Dieter Tengen remains Managing Director. Professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Niemeier is now affiliated to GEOTEC GmbH as a freelancer and will continue to be the contact person for the PANDA core system.

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    PANDA-Publication in Professional Journal

    In the special edition “Measurement technology in construction” of March 2016 an article about PANDA appeared. Learn about the great variety of uses of this software package!

    Software package PANDA

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