Latest PANDA-Version: 5.21

The software package PANDA is continually developed and optimized by adapting to new scientific findings and technological standards. In the now available version 5.21 we have implemented the following extensions of the scope of services:

  • RINEX raw data processing
    Integration of the current version of the GNSS evaluation software WA2 (WaSoft Professor Lambert Wanninger) for the calculation of 3D baseline lines
  • New data formats:
    – Leica dbx databases are read by the new program lesdbx
    – Land XML files can be read as well. These are
    “LandXML Export” (for levelling instrument LS15) or “Infinity” (for total stations)
  • Deformation analysis:
    – For the display of successive deformation analyzes, the changes can also be displayed graphically in relation to the null-epoch and stored in an Excel-sheet.
    – The epochs were expanded to include information on building temperature and waterlevel.
  • Lasertracker:
    The calculation of approximate coordinates for lasertracker observations has been significantly simplified.
  • User-Interface:
    Improvements in the handling of the surface. For example, the cursor does not skip to the list start after the change of an entry.

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