Preview: Modifications in PANDA, version 5.40 (available in December 2019)

The software package PANDA – continuously developed and optimized through adaptations to new scientific findings and technological standards. In the now available version 5.30 we have realized the following extensions of the scope of services:

Changes in version 5.40

  • When importing prism, the calibration data of existing prisms is adopted.
  • When reducing level field books, negative point numbers for turning points can be defined.
  • The refractive index for the line reduction at temperatures below 0 ° C is calculated correctly.
  • When reading Leica LandXML files, missing observations are processed correctly.
  • Reading Trimble JobXML files a ‘Angle Only’ section will be read, too.
  • When reducing level data, offsets can be set to correct rod readings.
  • When calculating the refractive index you can choose between the formulas of Edlen, Ciddor and Bönsch.
  • Modified field books can be exported from the database.
  • When calculating baselines from RINEX data, it is checked if the calibration data of the antennas is available.
  • In the adjustment, deviations of the vertical for ξ and η can be introduced.
  • In the adjustment, the orientation unknown for zenith angle measurements can be defined as rotation around 2 axes.
  • When PANDA is called up, a backup copy of the database will be created. A total of 10 copies are kept before the oldest file will be deleted.

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